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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Why Track Higher Education Hardware and Software Usage?

 Tracking hardware and software usage for higher education institutions is much more than just saving money. Software and computer lab hardware tracking can also increase your IT department's efficiency while improving student experience.

LabStatscomputer lab hardware trackinghelps universities and colleges know how students are using IT assets. Streamlining campus software and hardware can improve the student's overall learning experience while ensuring your IT budget is spent on useful resources.

Benefits of Hardware & Software Tracking

With LabStats, you can track computer and software usage to make better decisions. You can track usage patterns, set refreshing schedules, and set lab availability hours based on usage patterns to increase the efficiency of your IT department. LabStats also ensures that students can access the resources they need to succeed.

We have published our ebook which dives deep into the benefits of hardware and software tracking for your institution. With this ebook, you can answer pertinent questions like:

· Which software applications should be tracked?

· How can usage data influence positive decision-making?

· How can usage data furnish advanced analytics that help you meet campus-wide goals?

· Other benefits of tracking hardware and software.

Work with Us

LabStats is a market-leading tool that helps higher education CIOs reduce spend and maximize budget efficiency. To learn more about computer lab hardware tracking, schedule a walkthrough.

You may also opt for a free trial by calling +1-208-473-2222 or sending an email


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