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Deliver a Standout Customer Experience with Happyml

Happyml is an AI-driven chatbot built for businesses. It can seamlessly interact with customers, provide internal support, manage HR functions, and fulfill various other uses for businesses. You can deploy multiple chatbots across your website, web application, email, messenger, and WhatsApp to boost business productivity and customer experience.

Our standalone AI delivers answers in an instant with customizable tones and 95+ languages. You can personalize your chatbot with multiple data sources and automate operational tasks with reduced manpower dependence.

Powered by AI & Data with you in Control

·        End-to-end Management of Data Sources

You can assign several knowledge sources and remove or add any URL, articles, or text snippets currently used by Happyml. 

·        Manual Control

You have the power to take over control of responses anytime you want. 

·        Auto-data Collection 

Happyml automatically collects your business information to elevate your customer's chat experience.

·        Quick Response

Engage customers and other users with quick responses in 95+ languages and personalized greetings based on your company resources.


Start a Free Trial

Happyml allows you to focus on bespoke customer interactions, scale up through automation, reduce manpower costs, and increase business efficiency. 

Start a free trial for Happyml today and find out how our custom AI chatbot can benefit your business. 


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