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Family Law Attorney Orange County Serving your Famil

There are many divorce and family law attorneys across Orange County, but not all of them can achieve your goals in a family law dispute. Approach divorce, child custody, asset division, and other family law issues with confidence with the top family law attorney Orange County.


At Jos Family Law, we have 55 years of combined experience in family law cases. Our lead attorney - Binoye Jos - has guided and represented countless families successfully and achieved their goals through zealous advocacy.


Divorce is tough and overwhelming, and the legal procedures add to the complexity. To minimize its impact on your children, hire a family law attorney in Orange County who has experience dealing with cases like yours and can defend your rights.


Jos Family Law understands how tough divorce and other family law disputes can be for your family. We provide tailored guidance and representation after understanding your situation to pursue your goals and interests.


OC Family Law Expertise


Jos Family law can help you with the following issues:


· Divorce

· Adoption

· Mediation

· Child Custody

· Child Support

· Asset Division

· Spousal Support

· Domestic Violence

· Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

· Modification of Orders

· Grandparent's Rights

· Move Away Orders

· Multistate Jurisdiction

· Attorney's Fee


Get Seasoned Guidance from Family Lawyers in OC


At Jos Family Law, we have the skills and knowledge to help you navigate through a family law crisis. Tell us about your case over a one-to-one meeting and we will devise a personalized strategy to help you through it.


Call (714) 733-7066 or send an email to today for a free consultation.


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