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What is a Betting Odd? Football Betting Tips for Consistent Wins

Nowadays, football betting is increasingly popular and becoming more widespread. It could be football fans who want to try their luck, or it could be professional bettors taking the opportunity to make a fortune. However, before getting started, it's necessary to understand the rules of the game as well as the concepts of what odds are to easily achieve victory. For more useful information related to betting games, follow the upcoming article from wintip.

What is football betting?

In any game, to win, we must understand the game itself. After that, it's about gaining a lot of experience and devising the most effective betting strategies. Before explaining the concepts of what odds are, to help newcomers fully understand, we will revisit the concept of football betting.

Accordingly, football betting is a form of gambling between one or a group of people. This can be traditional betting or through the internet. Betting is not simple and involves many complex terms. It won't be as straightforward to get an exact result as 1+1=2; in betting, sometimes 1 + 1 might end up being -2. Therefore, betting has always been a highly captivating form of entertainment throughout history.

What does betting with odds mean? Common types of odds

Betting with odds is a term used in football betting. In football, the odds represent the ratio between the two teams participating in a match. Many people wonder what setting odds means? This term refers to the bookmaker's action of posting the odds for a particular match. Players will place their bets based on the odds offered by the bookmakers. Notably, each bookmaker may offer different odds for each match.

There are various types of football bets, each represented by numbers that can be confusing for newcomers to understand. To make betting easier for players, below we will guide how to read different types of betting odds.

European Odds

European odds are also known as 1x2 odds. This is the simplest type of betting in football. However, it can be difficult for new players to win. In this type of bet, players have three betting options: win, draw, or lose. The bookmaker will provide the odds upfront. Players must then choose accordingly. The 1x2 symbols mean the following: 1 is the home team, X is for a draw, and 2 is the away team.


What are Over/Under odds? This is a popular type of bet in football betting that bookmakers usually offer for almost every match. This betting type is quite straightforward. Players do not need to worry about which team will win or lose. Instead, they focus on the total number of goals scored by both teams. The bookmaker sets a specific goal threshold that players bet on, as follows:

  • Over: The total actual number of goals must be greater than the bookmaker's set threshold.

Under: The total actual number of goals must be less than the bookmaker's set threshold.

  • If a player has good match analysis skills, it's relatively easy to win Over/Under bets. Common thresholds set by bookmakers include 1-1.5, 2-2.5, 2.5, 3-3.5, etc. Players need to analyze the attacking and defending line-ups and the playing styles of both teams before making best app for football prediction.

Asian Handicap

What are Asian Handicap odds? Also known as handicap betting, this type of bet is easy to recognize, easy to play, and offers a relatively high chance of winning. There are up to nine betting options for players to choose from. Asian Handicap was developed to balance the odds for both teams. However, a common drawback is that losing an Asian Handicap bet often leads to continuous losses.

If someone wonders what score betting in football is, it refers to this type of bet. There are many handicap levels that players need to thoroughly understand to facilitate their betting. Some include: handicap ¼ goal (0.25), 1 ¾ goals (1.75), 2 ¼ goals (2.25), 1 ¼ goals (1.25), etc.

Live Betting

Live betting is also quite common in online football betting. This type of bet is introduced by bookmakers during the match. During this period, players also have to place their bets. The feature of live betting is that although the betting ratio is low, the payout is high. However, players need to calculate and analyze quickly to win. The end of the match is when live betting attracts the most attention, as it is the time to apply all the available knowledge to achieve the highest possible profit.

Corner Betting

For this type of bet, you need to predict the number of corner kicks in the match. There are bets for corners in the first half, the second half, and the entire match. The most common types of corner betting are total corners and handicap corners. Players can choose based on their understanding to easily win.

Card Betting

In this type of bet, players must predict the number of red or yellow cards issued by the referee. Bets can be placed on cards in the first half, second half, or the entire match. Like corner betting, this type also offers two forms for players to choose from. Bets can be placed on a card handicap or the total number of yellow or red cards.

Kick Off Betting

If you wonder what a match kickoff bet is, although not very common, it is also a type of bet. Kick off betting is introduced by bookmakers for players to sure home win prediction which team will kick off first. According to professional players, this type of bet carries a high risk. However, if you want to make the game more interesting and exciting, you can participate in betting.

What is football odds analysis? Steps to make winning in football betting easier

Analyzing football odds is essentially the task that enthusiasts often do before deciding to place a bet. Typically, people who share a passion and understanding of football will contact each other to analyze the odds. They rely on their knowledge, information from the media, forums, etc., to make the most accurate predictions and assessments about the match. Some tasks that need to be performed before engaging in betting include:

  • As soon as the bookmaker announces the odds, players need to update immediately. Usually, the odds are provided by the bookmaker a few days before the match occurs.

  • Regularly update the odds table to know about any changes or fluctuations in the odds. Remember, on the last day before the match takes place, the bookmaker will continuously change the odds.

  • It is necessary to analyze the head-to-head history, line-ups, and playing styles of both teams.

  • About 45 minutes before the match starts, players should check the odds table one more time.

Football betting experience from experts

If you are willing to explore and learn, football betting is not too difficult. If you are passionate about it, invest your time and pursue it seriously. Here are some betting tips telegram from experienced players that can help you improve your skills:

Understand and follow trends in betting

After understanding what odds are, if you want to win consistently, you need to grasp the trends. This will allow you to make the best analyses and predictions. If you can do this, you're halfway to success and won't be easily misled by the bookmakers. This is because many matches are scheduled in advance, giving bookmakers time to analyze before setting the odds. They may deceive players and change the odds as the match day approaches. If you're not alert, you're likely to make poor decisions.

Seize the opportunity

Betting is a game of high risk and chance. Therefore, you need to seize every opportunity to win. In football betting, the European odds simply predict the match's outcome as win, draw, or loss. Asian odds are set by the bookmaker to make the teams appear more evenly matched. While players strive, bookmakers profit regardless of which team wins or loses. In reality, a team's strength can't fully be measured by numbers. In football, anything can happen. Therefore, there are always opportunities in betting that you should grasp to win.

End the game at the right time

Before engaging in betting, you should set a target profit you want to achieve. Additionally, choose the most suitable betting method. Based on the budget you allocate for betting, you should calculate a reasonable profit.

For example, if you set aside 5 million VND for betting, a reasonable profit might be around 500,000 – 700,000 VND. Once you've reached that profit, you should stop playing. It's not necessary to bet on every match.

I hope the information provided helps you understand what odds are in football. Understanding the concepts of odds is not too difficult. Importantly, if you are passionate, pursue it seriously and be willing to invest time. Study carefully and continue to gain more experience from experts to easily win.


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