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Firoz Gualmhussein
Firoz Gualmhussein

The Only CBD smoke Shop You'll Need

Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke has a wide assortment of products including disposable vapes, concentrates, edibles, topicals, creams, and more. Whether you are situated in Atlanta or abroad, you can enjoy the rarest of globally available products from our CBD smoke shop including CBD edibles, creams, tinctures, and smoking and hookah products. 

With careful market research, we aim to provide outstanding products and a premium experience to our customers. 

Our Selection of Products

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or smoker or occasionally use CBD for recreation, Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke has you covered. We have a wide range of products available just for you to fulfill your needs. 

  • A handpicked selection of disposable vapes, cartridges, pods, and batteries.

  • CBD concentrates like resins and oils for medicinal benefits. 

  • Uplift your senses with gummies, chews, tablets, and dissolvables. 

  • Tinctures with concentrated CBD extracts.

  • Wide range of oils, bath products, and topicals for premium skincare. 

  • Smoking and hookah accessories like tobacco, rolling papers, wax kits, grinders, lighters, glassware, and more. 

Avail Cashback Rewards on Top Brands 

Whether you want our farm-sourced and licensed CBD products of the highest quality strains, vapes, or tobacco, Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke has you covered. Browse through our CBD smoke shop for a wide range of products with the best customer service. 

Get cash back points on every dollar spent at our CBD smoke shop. You will get $10 off upon 150 points and a $50 discount upon accumulating 500 points. 

Call (404) 500-3983 to learn more.


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